Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Awkward First Post

First post ever

Greetings cyber-space cadets. And welcome to my blog. Not really sure what else to say. I guess lets start by saying I'm a new mom. Duh. The Child is 6 months old, and has pretty much turned my world upside down. Usually in a good way, but sometimes in a "Holy Hell, what was I thinking" way. But usually in a good way. I decided to blog because 1: all the cool people are doing it and 2: I wanted to journal about being a new mom, but never actually started one and am too tired when I go to bed to stay up for another half hour thinking deep thoughts and putting them on paper. I actually started a pregnancy journal in my first trimester, but it turned into ranting about work, and just ended up making me more upset about work. So that didn't last.

But the "work anger" is all taken care of, mostly because I no longer work there. I stay at home with The Child. Notice I didn't say "I don't work anymore." Because as any mom will tell you, staying at home is most definitely work. Completely different work than your typical 9-5 (or in my case the 7pm-7am shift), but still, undeniably difficult work. However, for me, it is much more rewarding and fulfilling. And that's enough of the mushy/touchy-feely "I love being a Mommy" fest for now.

So welcome to my blog. ta da. See Loving Husband, I'm not as technologically impaired as you (and I) thought!

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Katherine said...

Whoooee! Welcome to blogging.