Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Apparently, we have a Routine

They say kids need a routine, and in fact, do better with one. Now, I'm totally in favor of this, and had actually thought to myself, "Self, we really should put The Child on a routine sometime soon." Apparently, she's already on one, and does NOT like it when it is disrupted. As evidenced by the child that emerged this past Saturday night, and Sunday.

Saturday night, my parents came up. And while I'm thrilled that they were here, they arrived around 8-ish, which is when Bedtime Routine usually starts. It never occured to me that this might be a problem. Well, let me correct that statement. It didn't occur to me until around 2 am, and I kicked Husband out of bed to deal with The Child because I'd already been up 2 other times that night, that it might be a problem. I'm usually blessed by her sleeping around 10-12 hours (that's right, jealous?) at night. Such was not the case that night. She didn't go to bed until 10:30, and was up at 12:00, 1:15, and 2.

And one would think that everything would be "reset" in the morning when she woke up, right? Oh no, no, no. Not following our (as yet unrealized) routine = very unpleasant baby. All day. Or maybe she just didn't want me to unpack from our move 2 weeks ago. Regardless, I've learned my lesson, and have come to accept the fact that she is no longer a blob that lays on the floor (or wherever else you put her down). Although I'm not exactly sure what it is, The Routine is now a necessary part of life.

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