Thursday, September 11, 2008

'Tis the Season

No, not Christmas. Halloween!

I stopped dressing up for Halloween years ago, but now I get to start having fun with it again, through The Child. However, this does pose a dilemma. What am I going to dress her up as for her first Halloween? It actually seems like a kind of weighty decision. It is her FIRST Halloween, and I only get one or 2 of these to decide for her, before she decides what she wants to be for all subsequent Halloweens.

Given that she is a girly-girl (or so I have decided), I think there are plenty of Princess, Ballerina, and Fairy years to come, so those options are out. And she has her Ohio State cheer-leading outfit (thank you again Ruth!), but that is for Game Days. Obviously, her costume needs to be cute. And it needs to be girly, but not obnoxiously girly. Cool girly. But still insanely adorable for a baby of 8 months for their first Halloween.

My thought was a ladybug, butterfly, or maybe a bee. Anyone who has seen her nursery will tell you I'm not very creative with these ideas, since they are also the theme of her nursery. So I'm opening the floor to suggestions. Actually, to be more accurate, I'm begging. If anyone actually reads this blog, please send a suggestion my way. If it is something I want to attempt to make on my sewing machine (which is still in the box, untouched), I need ample time to fail, call my mom, try again, and then go buy it at Target or Pottery Barn Kids.

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Katherine said...

I'm telling you, dress her up as Chewie. It would be hee-freaking-larious and think about the blackmail pictures you'd have to show her first boyfriend. Sure, it's not girly, but whatever. She has plenty of time to be Pretty Pretty Princess in the future. If not Chewie, then please no bugs. All babies are bugs, frogs, etc. Think of something unique, like a Cabbage Patch Kid doll or Rainbow Bright or Little Miss Muffet but for the love of God, nothing with goggle eyes or wings.