Sunday, September 28, 2008

"What I should have said was Nothing"

The quote from my favorite comedian, Mike Birbiglia, really says it best. The Child was such a good sleeper, and I LOVED it. In bed, by 9:30, up around 8:30. I was always so happy to say how well she slept when the weary moms in my parenting group asked about it. And, what I should have said was nothing. Because karma is a *****. You can fill in that blank yourself.

The past month or so, The Child has started waking up around 3 am. Sometimes just to be rocked back to sleep, sometimes for a 2 hour fussy/feeding marathon. She isn't fully awake, but she is screaming, and crying, and most definitely NOT calming down by herself. However, last night we took it to a whole new level.

The bedtime routine started off fine. A little early, but the "load up on cereal, fruit and veggies," bath, book, nurse, and sleep" routine was in tact. And by about 9:00, she was in her crib. And then she woke up at 11. Another 3 HOURS went by before she was finally asleep. And those were not pleasant 3 hours. They were filled with her screaming, fighting, refusing to do anything but nurse or sit and play with her toys. Asleep by 2 AM, and at 3:30, she was up again for her "normal" midnight fussing. Oh, and she was up for the day at 9:30, as if nothing happened.

I thought babies needed lots of sleep. Apparently not the Sleepless Wonder that is my child. Thank goodness for home brewed Starbucks.


Bill B. said...

Brings back memories.
By the time they reach 14 years old, they fall back into the sleep pattern you once enjoyed.
Just keep smiling.

Katherine said...

And another reason why I'm the adoring honorary aunt with no plans to reproduce.

Laura said...

great. So I to wait 14 years?!?! I should invest in Starbucks stock.

Laina said...

My oldest son did that around 6 or 8 months, after being a great sleeper up till then. Could she be teething? He wasn't cranky during the day, but for some reason he got really fussy at night, and that was the only plausible explanation.