Monday, October 13, 2008

High Chair Crime Scene

My kitchen could have doubled for a CSI scene today. The splatter pattern was perfect, there were a few smears, and definite finger prints. Suspect: The Child. Mystery substance: Carrots. Mode of action: A sneeze. Actually, lots of them.

Mommy lesson learned: Do not feed The Child dark colored foods when she is sneezey and has a cold.

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Bill B. said...

Reminds me of a time with Grandpa B
eating lunch with me, your Mom, Aunt Jane and Deb, I think.
Place; Papa Bears on Henderson Road
Vehicle: Sneeze
Projectile: corn on the cob
Antagonist : pepper

Pop, with napkin tucked in the neck of his brightly patterned shirt and a mouthful of freshly gnawed corn, began that all too familiar pre-sneeze load up of air into the lungs. As if choreographed, on the third inhalation, the others at the table picked their respective napkins off their laps and gently laid them over the plates of food in front of them.
One sneeze was all it took to expell and disperse the mouthful of corn all over the table and the now covered plates.
Pop cleared his throat and continued to attack his ear of corn; We carefully picked up our corn covered napkins, depositing the expectoration on the table, and continued to eat our lunches.
Enjoy The Child's food adventures.
Take pictures.
Remind The Child later that you possess such pictures. Blackmail is an important "tool" in successful parenting.