Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is "South Park" holding auditions?

Lets just get this over with: No, I don't regularly watch South Park. Yes, I know they are offensive. But at least they're equal opportunity offenders. No one is immune from their parody/ridicule. Moving on...

The Child has been experimenting with different sounds. Mostly, its "aaah," or some sort of garbled drooly babble. A few weeks ago, she learned how to blow kisses. But only the sound, not with hand motions yet. So that has been one of her favorite sounds to make. Today she learned how to click her tongue. And she decided to combine that with her kisses/lip smacking noise . Sounds something like this "kiss kiss, click, kiss, click, click. Kiss, click." Basically, she does a dead-on impression of South Park's Starvin' Marvin, the "Ethernopian."

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