Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Child Does Democracy

Yesterday, I took The Child to vote. Well, she herself did not vote, but I took her with me. And not just because I had to (because I have no babysitter/no where else to send her). Despite the fact that she's only 8 months old, I wanted to expose her to the democratic process, and the importance of voting.

So we took our time getting ready in the morning. I had every intention of voting, but absolutely zero intention of trying to entertain her in a voting line for 3 hours. Around 10:30, we were ready to go, and off we went. After waiting for only 10 minutes, I was in the voting booth (basically a glorified mini-folding table with a 3-sided cardboard box on top of it), filling in my ballot. Natalie was parked next to me in her stroller, sucking on...well...anything she could get her hands on.

At that point, she decided to voice her opinion of the electoral process and candidates. She began her morning poo, loud and clear, with toots and grunts, in the middle of the tense, dead-silent voting room. Charming. But I guess she made her opinion known!

1 comment:

Bill B. said...

Don't you just love The Child's sense of timing?
As it goes, no manner of pre-planning will prevent such "expressions", even for years to come.
I remember back to having to quickly hit an exit ramp and pullover to the berm, grab the potty seat and have Drew poo by the side of the road while we were trying to potty train.
The adventures with The Child will continue..........
Uncle Bill