Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Like Giving a Dog Peanut Butter

Recently, we started giving The Child finger food. We started with those little star shaped puffs that Gerber makes. They melt away in your mouth really quickly, and apparently are just the right size and shape for little fingers to pick up. We're probably a little late in introducing them, but I'm paranoid, and needed the official "ok" from the pediatrician to start.

Anyways, we gave a few to The Child. She picked one up and tried to put it in her mouth. But although she got it there just fine, she didn't know what to do with it after that, and just kind of slobbered on it in her hand. Being a "fast dissolving" food, it started dissolving in her hand. Except instead of dissolving, it just got sticky, and stuck to her fingers. This presented a dilemma for her, and the hand began to open, close, open close, open close...each time moving the cereal puff to a different part of her hand. Transferring it to the other hand did not solve the problem, and trying to put it in her mouth only made it more sticky.

And so, Husband and I stood there, laughing at The Child as she tried to 1) eat the puff, and 2) figure out how to get it off her hand. She's getting better, but whenever I need a few minutes of entertainment, I give her some puffs"let her practice feeding herself," but really, for some comic relief.

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Katherine said...

Video tape this. Rewatch during those times as a teenager when you want to strangle her.