Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Reason #2 why The Child (or I) will need therapy:

I am with her all day, every day (and maybe this should be reason #3), so I see her small little developmental steps all the time. For a few weeks, she has been getting ready to crawl. At first she would just lunge at things. Then she figured out how to roll across the room. About a week ago, she learned how to sit herself up from laying down. Most recently, she's been rocking back and forth on her knees, and frequently straightening her legs...which looks like she's doing her own version of yoga's Downward Dog. But no actual crawling, unless you count a few scoots with her legs on her tummy.

Tonight, I got to go out to a baby shower for a friend. Sans baby. Wonderful husband watched The Child for about 4 hours while I was gone. 4 hours, which started with her slamming her head into the coffee table shortly after Husband took over playing with her so that I could get ready to go. Drama ensued, but having survived that, and being after distracted by a fun new book, she continued to play. So off I went to have some grown-up time with my friends. However, while I was gone, she crawled. And I missed it. Thankfully, Husband grabbed the video camera and got her to crawl a few more times while he recorded it. After I got done crying, I watched her crawl around the living room. It's comical, to say the least, because she does it with one leg bent (knee on the ground), and the other leg up (knee up, foot on the ground).

So when she's older, I'll have to tell her that I missed a major milestone because I was out at a party. A very fun, and much needed "break from the baby" party, but the guilt is still there. I guess this will be something for the "bring your parent to therapy" session.


Katherine said...

Where did my comment go?? Gah! OK, trying this again... As I said on Husband's Twitter feed: She's mobile and you are doomed! But you'll be there when she walks, right?

Laura said...

I hope so! She'd better not decide to do it while we're on vacation in March!